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Trust Your Gifts & Quantum Leap Your Abundance - with Serena Curran

Trust Your Gifts & Quantum Leap Your Abundance - with Serena Curran

September 29, 2022

Join me on 10/5 for my free LIVE 3 day activating transmission-- The Business of Being You, as we peel back layers of false PROGRAMMING, unplug from the old paradigm & anchor into the TRUTH of who you are.

The next round of Star Power begins in late Oct.  Early bird enrollment is open now-- learn more & join here.


Serena Curran is the founder of Wealth by Soul Design for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Change Makers, Healers, and Coaches. She specializes in inspiring her clients to make expansive changes, gain freedom from hidden patterns, and to align with their Soul in conjunction with gaining the practical tools for growing their business.

She is the Creator of the TREASURE and EXPANSION Programs as well as the “WEALTH Portal: the Joy, Freedom and Money Flow course.  She loves supporting her clients to design their business around their purpose and make money while changing the world.

Serena calls on her over 25 years of experience to guide her clients as a Spiritual Business Mentor, Money Healer and Akashic Record Detective. She is known for her caring, supportive approach and big smile.


Grab your free gift from Serena below.

Journey into the Akashic Records-- https://serenacurran.com/temple

Book a complimentary Soul Aligned Wealth Strategy Session



Connect with Serena:


Visit her site -- https://serenacurran.com

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for regular lives and interviews



Fulfill Your Starseed SOUL MISSION instead of ”trying to grow your biz”

Fulfill Your Starseed SOUL MISSION instead of ”trying to grow your biz”

September 19, 2022

In this episode, I share about:

-Anchoring into your bigger SOUL MISSION & New Earth

- Why many people are feeling a MAJOR shift in the coaching/healing industry.
- Multidimensional gifts opening up + letting this guide you with how you share your sacred work.
- The false self program + TRUE Self & how to allow the Source within you channel & create through you.


New Paradigm Leaders Mastermind- https://www.spiritualbossbabe.com/mastermind

Star Power (early bird enrollment is open)- https://www.spiritualbossbabe.com/starpower

Multidimensional Marketing Free Transmission- https://www.spiritualbossbabe.com/marketing

Say hi on IG- @thespiritualbossbabe

I Met God In The Mirror & I’ll Never Be The Same (in the best ways)

I Met God In The Mirror & I’ll Never Be The Same (in the best ways)

September 6, 2022

Join me this Fri 9/9 for my Live Release & Receive Clearing + Activation!  

In this transmission, we are going to do some powerful Quantum Clearing work to re-code your DNA & energy field...

To support in releasing old programming based in fear/lack/scarcity/dis-trust in self, etc...

And activating and anchoring into your Divine blueprint, aligned abundance, deep trust in self/Source, and bringing more of your multidimensional gifts online.

💖 This will be a 60-90 minute transmission, co-creative conversation.

💖 Light Language Activation done live, with additional energy work + subconscious reprogramming throughout.

💖 Chance to win one of my gorgeous Power Pendants! (must be on the live to qualify)

💖 This is only offered once live -- and yes, replay will be sent for you to keep.

💖 Don't worry if you can't make the live-- this is a timeless, multidimensional transmission.

It will be just as potent if you need to watch the replay in your own time. (Of course I would obvi LOVE to see you there live) ☺️

(This isn't going to be available to purchase on my site after the live, so lock in your spot now)




For questions or details on other programs, Mastermind, or Private Coaching-- Message me on instagram @thespiritualbossbabe!


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From Anxious Empath to Empowered Healer - with Savannah Bohlin aka Blissful Bohemian

From Anxious Empath to Empowered Healer - with Savannah Bohlin aka Blissful Bohemian

September 1, 2022

Savannah is a former chemical engineer, turned medicine woman, psychic medium, and 6 figure spiritual entrepreneur. She is CEO of Blissful Bohemian and The Portal, both of which are aimed at raising up this generation of lightworkers, guiding the journey from anxious empath to empowered healer.

Find her on Instagram -- @blissfulxbohemian @theportal1111

Find her on TikTok -- @blissfulxbohemian

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Doing ALL the Inner Work & STILL Feel Stuck?  Listen to this…

Doing ALL the Inner Work & STILL Feel Stuck? Listen to this…

August 24, 2022

Are you at a new expansion point?!  Congrats-- so many codes and wisdom are being uploaded within you!  I hope this episode supports you in massive ways!

Mastermind Deets: If you're an established entrepreneur-ess & you're going through a major evolution within yourself and your whole business-- I want to invite you to New Paradigm Leaders Mastermind...

Spend 6 months with me and a small group of amazing souls & Grow Your Multidimensional Business, Collapse Timelines,& Skyrocket Your Impact & Income, With Your Soul Driven Work-- learn more & apply here.


Star Power: The next round of Star Power (my signature 6 week program) will begin in the fall & I've added even more magic to this experience!  Star Power is where you turn up the power and potency of who you are & channel that into your message, offers, & how you're serving and sharing your gifts with the world. Learn more & apply here.


If you're interested in any other self study programs of mine-- visit my site here, For private coaching options--  DM me on insta @thespiritualbossbabe


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Get High and Stay Grounded - with Diana Ricciardi

Get High and Stay Grounded - with Diana Ricciardi

August 18, 2022
Diana Ricciardi, aka 'Saturn,' is an international retreat leader, life coach, published author, and Hypnobreath creator. Her passion is creating safe spaces for men and women from all walks of life, to come together and support each other in ways most people don't ever get to experience. She loves when people surprise themselves with the new version they step into.

What happens at Saturn Retreats is different. The magic is a cumulation of healing modalities and experiences that have helped Diana on her journey and beyond. She is so excited to show you the world, in the way that has spoken to her soul.

Find Diana on Instagram and TikTok @returntosaturn.
Learn more about her retreats at- Www.returntosaturn.com/jamaica
Grab Her Book "Return to Saturn: guiding soul seekers off their ass and out of their head in 19 days" here on Amazon.
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xo Stephanie


Create a Massively Impactful & Abundant Biz by BEING YOU

Create a Massively Impactful & Abundant Biz by BEING YOU

August 10, 2022

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STAR POWER starts on Monday 8/15!!  Join me if you’re ready to channel more YOU into everything you do.

Star Power is my 6 week group coaching vortex to support you in having wildly impactful, abundant biz and brand where you can ALWAYS 1000% be yourself & and do what you naturally do best.

The greatest level of impact, abundance, freedom & fulfillment comes from BEING your fully expressed self & owning it.

This is how my clients and students have filled their programs, experienced their biggest income months, had content and videos going viral, opened their gifts more, and feel more clear and CERTAIN than EVER about their message, work, and everything they’re here to BE, do, have!⭐️🧬

👉 Click here to learn more and sign up for Star Power

The Truth About Quantum Leaping Your Spiritual Business

The Truth About Quantum Leaping Your Spiritual Business

August 3, 2022

Star Power is open now!  Get your bootay in if your soul is saying F*CK YESSS!  

Learn more and sign up here.🔥

We co-create this Vortex together and holy bananazzz the transformations and results are next level amazing! 

Hope to see you there!  We begin Aug 15!


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How To Activate Your Highest Timeline NOW

How To Activate Your Highest Timeline NOW

July 22, 2022

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Couple more things before you go...

I have a few bomb programs and ways to work with me coming up that I want to share with you! Tune in & see if any call to you.

1.) The Ultimate Upgrade 7 Day MagicMind-- This is a 7 day last focused mini mastermind starting next week! (If the link is still up and open, you're good to jump in).

We will have one main kick off Mastermind call, where I’ll get a pulse on the energy of the group, where you’re at, and what you’re needing support with…

There will also be a Voxer Vortex (voice note app) where I will check in with the group daily and share prompts, channeled downloads/coaching, and action steps to take immediately to support your next quantum leap.

I want to make this super fun (obvi), actionable, tailored to the specific people in the group— and deliver mega results + leave you with loads of inspiration for your biz going forward.

Investment is only $222 and just running this once.

Learn more & lock in your spot here.


2.) STAR POWER Program: Next round starts in Aug and enrollment is open NOW!  

STAR POWER is a 6 week LIVE Group Coaching Vortex where you embody your most influential self-- through your energy & expression...
So you can make a Quantum Impact.

This is what takes you from blending in with everyone else & watering down the power of your message & sacred work...
To embodied leader who stands the f*ck out, and has clients, money, & opportunities flocking to you because of the frequency you are emitting & the confidence that radiates from you. 

This is a multidimensional program, and too much to share here, so go check it out and learn more + sign up here!


3.) New Paradigm Leaders Mastermind: SIX Month Mastermind - Personal and Business Expansion for New Paradigm Leaders here to birth a New Earth!!

The official invite is HERE.

The journey through New Paradigm Leaders Mastermind is one of major evolution, and of operating in full alignment with who you are, what you came here to do, and what brings you ultimate fulfillment & abundance in overflow.

This journey is for those who have answered their higher calling, and are deeply committed to embodying their highest expression, and creating the greatest impact with their sacred work.

Through our time together, you will completely upgrade the way you show up in the world (energetically AND physically), and the power of your message, and sacred offers-- in support of your higher mission and global impact.

If this is resonating for you in your heart and soul, I'd love for you to join me.

If you have ANY Q's about any of these offers, reach out to me on instagram @thespiritualbossbabe!

The Power of Mushrooms & Microdosing - with Joseph & Chris Claussen

The Power of Mushrooms & Microdosing - with Joseph & Chris Claussen

July 19, 2022

Check out First Person supplements here-- https://getfirstperson.com & use code "Bossbabe15" to receive 15% off your order! <3


About Joseph & Chris:

Joseph Claussen has over 20 years of leadership experience in high-touch luxury industries, responsible for business development & project management. For the past five years, he has worked exclusively on mycology & plant medicine supply chain development with a focus on nutrition science, health coaching, cognitive health, metabolic function, and product development in CPG supplements. Joseph is an avid speaker and cognitive health evangelist.


Christopher Claussen is a visionary thinker and creative problem solver with over 25 years’ experience in startups, operations, marketing, and new product innovation. The past decade having been immersed in the science of brain health and cognitive function, focused on new product development, and creating innovative delivery methods in the medicinal mushroom and functional foods space to help promote optimal wellness. Brain health mission driven in devoting extensive time to researching the relationship between functional, medicinal, and psychedelic mushrooms on cognitive performance and mental wellbeing.


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