Spiritual Boss Babe with Stephanie Bellinger

Embodied Leadership - Your Energy Speaks!

April 28, 2022

Very soon, I'll be hosting my Grow A Wildly Successful Coaching Biz Masterclass live on 5/11!  You can join at anytime beyond that for instant access-- right now, it's just $47

In this Masterclass, I am going to share my biggest secrets to truly growing a wildly successful Spiritual Biz that feels so deliciously aligned & SOUL fulfilling.  Click here to join!




STAR Power Mastermind is now OPEN!  This is my 6 week group program all about INFLUENCE-- through energetics & embodiment-- so you can stand the f*ck out, and have clients, money, & opportunities flocking to you because of the frequency you are emitting & the confidence that radiates from you.

Learn more & lock in your spot for STAR Power here!

Limited spaces available + we begin in May!


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